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Online Mortgage ApplicationGet started today with our fast and secure online mortgage application. It's easy! First, you’ll need to get pre-qualified. Once you’ve been pre-qualified, you can apply online for your mortgage loan.

Get Pre-Qualified Now

One of the first steps in obtaining a mortgage is getting pre-qualified. Pre-qualification is a relatively quick and simple process where we examine your income and expenses (based on information you provide) to generate an estimated amount that you can afford to borrow.


Online Mortgage Application

We’ve made it easier than ever to apply for a mortgage online! Once you’ve submitted your online application, Waterstone Mortgage will begin verifying all the information you've provided.


Download a Mortgage Application

Prefer paper and pen to a computer screen? Our mortgage application is also available for you to download and print.

Have questions on your mortgage application? Talk to a Waterstone Mortgage loan professional for more information.

I Submitted My Mortgage Application – Now What?

Here’s what you can expect after you submit your mortgage loan application:  


You’ll be hearing from us a lot. We will notify you when we:
  • Have your initial disclosure package available (this includes a Good Faith Estimate of closing costs and Truth in Lending disclosures)
  • Receive your appraisal
  • Submit your loan to underwriting
  • Obtain Underwriting’s conditional loan approval
  • Obtain a final underwriting approval
  • Receive your final settlement statement (HUD-1) from the title company.


Additional Documentation

We cannot stress enough how important it is that you provide all requested documentation in a timely manner. If you do not, your closing date could be delayed. Within a week from when you sign your loan application, you will need to get us all of the requested documentation.

During the underwriting process, you may be asked for additional information referred to as “conditions.” Please be sure to get us any additional information as quickly as possible.

Solidifying Your Homeowners Insurance

It is your responsibility to obtain homeowner’s insurance. If you need a quality insurance agent, we will be more than happy to recommend one. Your homeowner’s insurance must be in place at least 10 days before your closing date. For refinances, we will require a current copy of your homeowner’s insurance certificate and your insurance agent’s contact information.

The Mortgage Application Timeline

The following is a typical mortgage application timeline. Your timeline may vary based on your unique circumstances.
  1. You sign the formal loan application and submit needed documents. (1 day)
  2. Your loan application is processed. The appraisal is ordered, as is any title work, employment verification and tax transcripts. If you have not submitted all necessary information at the time you signed your application, you will submit that at this point (5-10 days)
  3. Your application is submitted to underwriting. (2-3 days)
  4. The loan is reviewed and the underwriter will issue a conditional approval that lists items (conditions) that need to be reviewed and cleared for final loan approval. Waterstone Mortgage will work with you and the other parties involved in the transaction to collect the necessary information or documentation to “clear” these conditions. (1-3 days)
  5. Conditions are submitted to underwriting and your application will likely be cleared to close. (1-2 days)
  6. The loan processor orders your closing package from our closing department. (1 day)
  7. The closing department sends the lender’s closing package to the closing agent who creates the final settlement statement (HUD-1) for lender and realtor approval. (1-3 days)
  8. You will schedule a time and place for the closing with the closing agent and the realtor (purchase transaction only). (1 day)
  9. When the HUD-1 is approved by Waterstone Mortgage and the realtors, you will receive a copy of the HUD-1 and are informed of the final amount needed at closing. We will provide this information to you 1 day prior to closing. (1 day)
  10. Closing Day! You should plan on your closing taking 45 – 90 minutes.

All loan applications are subject to credit approval and loan program guidelines.