Monthly Payment Calculator - Refinance

Is a refinance right for you?

A refinance can be a great way to lower your monthly payment or shorten your loan term. When making the decision to refinance, it’s important to make sure that you’ll “break even” on your closing costs before you plan to sell your home.

To do this, you’ll need to estimate how long you plan on staying in your home. Then, calculate your new payment and figure out how long it would take your monthly savings to make up for what you would pay in closing costs. A refinance may make sense for you if you’re planning to stay in your current home long enough to break even.

Use our refinance calculator to determine your monthly mortgage payment. Estimate your taxes and insurance (and home owners association dues, if applicable) to ensure these amounts are included in the payment calculation.

If you think a refinance is right for you, contact one of our loan professionals for a free consultation.

Monthly Payment
Calculator: Refinance

Monthly Principal & Interest = $0000.00
Monthly Tax = $0000.00
Monthly Homeowner Insurance = $0000.00
Total Montly Payment = $0000.00

Disclaimer: The calculated results shown above are based on conventional loan program guidelines. Other loan programs are available and may provide results that better fit your individual needs. Calculations completed within this tool are estimates and are not guaranteed to be accurate. Payments shown do not include amounts for taxes and insurance; actual payment obligation will be greater.

Year Interest Principal Balance
Year Interest Principal Balance